Mayor Bloomberg and the New York Times Team Up Against Online Ammo Sales

by AWR Hawkins

7 Aug 2012

Mayor Michael Bloomberg has been trying to ban guns for years, and after the theater shooting in Aurora CO, he stepped up his efforts considerably. His goals now seem to be ending gun shows and online ammo sales, and he is joined in this endeavor by the New York Times.

But here’s the problem: one of the companies being heavily criticized for online sales, Georgia Arms, is an ammunition re-manufacturer that has purchased thousands of dollars worth of spent shells from Bloomberg’s NYPD. In other words, the NYPD shoots thousands upon thousands of rounds of ammunition, sweeps up the empty bullet casings, and sells them to Georgia Arms. In return, George Arms reloads the casings and sells them to the public at a fair price.

In one sale alone, Georgia Arms bought almost $70,000 worth of empty casings from the NYPD: casings which were then reloaded and sold to online buyers who shot them or perhaps even sold them at gun shows.

Ironically, since the Aurora shooting, the New York Times has done its steady best to make Georgia Arms look like a frat house for hayseeds who’ll sell ammo to anyone who’s “breathing.” Thus it’s noteworthy that in 2009, before attacks against Georgia Arms were in vogue, John Feinblatt, Bloomberg’s chief policy adviser, said the Mayor was unapologetic for the sell of empty shell casings to Georgia Arms, and that the Mayor differentiates between ammunition made for sale to law-abiding citizens and ammunition made available to others.

In other words, before the Aurora shooting, not only was it okay to buy ammo online, it was even okay to sell bullet making components to the online companies that manufactured the ammo. But once the language of gun control took front and center again, gun shows were bad and ammo companies whose products can be purchased online or at gun shows were even worse.

So we have a sitting mayor and a newspaper of note criticizing an ammo manufacturer for making bullets to sell online, all the while the facts show the mayor’s city has supplied the ammo manufacturer with the components necessary to the make the bullets.

The left’s hatred for guns knows no end.