Charlotte Pastors Welcomes Two New Members: ‘Smith And Wesson’

Pastor Brenda Stevenson says she does not believe church-goers in Charleston would have been easily killed if they had been armed and she is going to lead by example and arm herself in the pulpit.

Stevenson, who is pastor of New Outreach Christian Center in Charlotte, North Carolina, said, “Like I tell everybody – just welcome two new members, Smith and Wesson.”

According to WCSC 5, Stevenson will “take the pulpit with a gun by her side [in August] for the first time.” She says she never thought about it before Charleston, but now believes that attack “may have been stopped if someone inside could have fired back.”

Stevenson said, “I do not believe nine people would have gotten shot or killed. I talked with my husband and I said, ‘Honey, we need to get a gun.’”

She said someone could walk in at any minute with a gun “because you don’t know where people’s minds are. They’re losing their jobs, they don’t have food to eat and they’re looking to take it out on somebody.”