Fox News Schools Jackson on Claim That Dallas Gun Can ‘Bring Down a Plane’

When Jesse Jackson on Sunday tried to tell Fox News viewers that the Dallas shooter used an “AK-47,” the type of gun that could “bring down airplanes,” Fox News host Shannon Bream quickly rebuffed these erroneous claims. Jackson appeared on Fox News Sunday to lobby for more gun control, arguing, “[we] must do more with these military-style weapons on the street.”

He told Bream, “But in Texas, these AK-47s, not only can they shoot up theaters and churches, they can bring down airplanes.” The Fox host retorted, “With all respect, if reports are correct the shooter in Texas was using an AR-15, it’s not an automatic weapon, it couldn’t bring down an airplane.”

According to CBS News, Michah Xavier Johnson had an SKS semi-automatic assault rifle. This is certainly not a weapon that could bring down a plane. CBS reported:

The U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives calls the SKS rifle Micah Johnson used to kill five Dallas police officers on July 7 a “Curio or Relic.”

Due to this status, which the SKS shares with many other models of Berettas, Colts, Remingtons, Rugers and other firearms that are at least 50 years old, gun dealers said that in some states and jurisdictions the Soviet-era rifle can be purchased online and delivered to your door without securing a permit.

Earlier in the interview, Jackson talked about “military-style weapons.” Bream also corrected him, noting, “I agree with you on that point, but it’s important to note, as well, that military-style weapons, if you’re talking about machine guns are illegal for the most part and I think it’s a distinction we need to make when we talk about this.”

A transcript of the exchange is below:

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