UK Sniper Blows The Brains Out Of ISIS Suicide Bomber In Miracle ALMOST A MILE LONG Shot And Saves Hundreds From Certain Death

He had 20 seconds and one shot.  

If he missed, hundreds would die, since the target were ISIS terrorists in Libya who were driving a suicide bomb into a major market place and nobody knew it was coming.

In an amazing, 1000-meter long shot, this UK SAS sniper hit the driver of the vehicle right through his skull, blowing his brains out, disabling vehicle, and also killing one of the passengers as well:

The terrorists were shot dead as they drove towards their target in Libya where they planned to detonate a car bomb.

The hero marksman hit the driver in the head from 1,000m, killing him instantly.

The bullet passed through his skull and struck his passenger in the neck, killing him too.

SAS agents said the incredible long-range shot is one of the best in the elite regiment’s history.

The sniper had just 20 seconds to hit his target to save the lives of hundreds of civilians.

One SAS source told the Daily Star Sunday: “It was an amazing shot. It wasn’t so much about distance but the fact that it was a moving target.

“If the sniper had missed a lot of people would have lost their lives.” 

Now THAT is a hero.

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