CSGV suddenly decides printed firearms are 'hype,' ignores bigger issues

The Coalition to Stop Gun Violence has, within a week of the revelation that Defense Distributed has managed to design and “print” a fully functional firearm, constructed (almost) completely of plastic, suddenly put on a brave face, saying that predictions of the death of “gun control,” brought on by printed guns, are “hype.” On their Facebook page, on the morning of Thursday, May 9:

Don’t believe the hype, folks.

The rest of the post was a link to an article in Slate, titled “Don’t Fear the 3-D Gun: Yes, it will be possible to make weapons with 3-D printers. No, that doesn’t make gun control futile.” They linked to the same article on their Twitter feed, as did their executive director, Josh Horwitz, but both identically editorialized the title to “The Dumb Argument That 3-D Printers Will Make Gun Control Futile.”

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