Reid: We will force gun control vote

Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid said Democrats will “force a vote” soon on legislation to ban people on the terror watch list from purchasing guns and explosives.

Reid slammed Republicans Monday in a Senate floor speech for refusing to endorse gun control legislation Democrats have introduced over the years, including legislation sponsored by Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., to block terror suspects from buying guns.

Democrats contend if the bill had passed, the FBI might have been able to stop Omar Mateen from purchasing the guns he used to kill 49 people in an Orlando nightclub early Sunday.

“I’m heartsick,” Reid said. “I’m basically sick by our inaction. It’s shameful that the U.S. Senate has done nothing. Nothing to stop these mass shootings. Is this what we want for America? I don’t think so.”

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Reid blamed the NRA and the Gun Owners of America, as well as pro-gun groups that have opposed legislative and executive actions to limit guns ownership.

“The NRA is bad, really bad,” Reid said. “Gun Owners of America is even worse than bad. These two organization are competing to see just how extreme they can be pushing for more guns and fewer protections.”

Democrats told reporters earlier Monday they will try to tack Feinstein’s measure to an upcoming appropriations bill.

“We are going to as soon as possible force a vote on this terror loophole,” Reid sad. “We’re going to do this as soon as possible. There is no excuse for allowing suspected terrorists to buy guns. There is much we can do but not if Republicans aren’t serious about addressing these problems and historically it’s been proven they do not care.”

Republicans point out they introduced their own terror loophole bill, which would have installed a 72-hour delay for terror suspects who attempt to purchase a gun and an expedited court review.

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