'Gun control': The 'gateway tyranny'

– An armed citizen is an independent citizen, and an independent citizen is an uncontrolled citizen–and an uncontrolled citizen is a threat to the collective.

It’s not likely, after all, that all advocates of restrictive gun laws intend to lay the groundwork for tyranny and genocide. Some, no doubt, truly believe that just the “right” combination of gun laws will not only save many lives, but do so without turning citizens into serfs. The logic and the historical literacy of such people is open to question, as is their understanding of what constitutes true liberty, but in many cases, their motives are probably benign.

Unfortunately, once they get a taste of the power to disarm the people, “for our own good,” they are not likely to be able to resist exercising that power again. And again. And again. Thus in the UK, where gun laws were not all that much more restrictive than those of the U.S., until the Firearms (Amendment) Act of 1988 severely restricted shotguns, and opened the door to the near total disarmament of British subjects (those who obey the law, anyway) today.

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