MO Highway Patrol Contradicts Gov Nixon On CCW Leak


Missouri Governor Jay Nixon has some explaining to do. Earlier today during a hearing led by state Senator Kurt Schaefer, Col. Ron Replogle of the Missouri Highway Patrol confessed that Missouri state law was violated (which I shared yesterday here) and the full list of conceal carry permit holders was sent to the federal government:

The head of the Missouri State Highway Patrol on Thursday admitted something that Gov. Jay Nixon has denied multiple times. Col. Ron Replogle told a Senate committee that a list of Missourians who have conceal-and-carry weapon (CCW) permits was sent twice to the U.S. Social Security Administration.

On Wednesday, when Nixon was in Springfield for a news conference on a different subject, Nixon was asked whether the Department of Revenue had shared copies of personal documents with the federal government or third-party companies.  He said no.



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