Plausible, or Propaganda? The ‘High-Capacity Magazine’ Argument

Here is an excellent article which shows how the left-wing mainstream media promotes their agenda by misrepresenting (that’s lying) the facts in almost every instance, especially when it comes to guns, the Second Amendment and Americans right to self defense. This spot-on article should be sent far and wide to everyone you know to help educate Americans to the far-lefts agenda to disarm our citizens and destroy our nation.

Tim Macy

Vice Chairman

Gun Owners of America

Plausible, or Propaganda? The ‘High-Capacity Magazine’ Argument

The Hartford Courant reports [1] that on April 1, Connecticut legislators reached bipartisan agreement on what they say could be the “nation’s strongest gun-control bill,” and that easy passage is expected.

One of the bills provisions: scary-looking semi-automatic rifles (“assault weapons”) will now need only one frightening feature (such as a pistol grip or flash suppressor) instead of the current two to make the banned list. A second: future sales of “high-capacity magazines” of over 10 rounds will be banned. This is the one element of the pending legislation that has divided its supporters. The bill does not impose an outright ban on the newly illicit magazines, allowing current owners to keep them:

… if they make an official declaration by January 1 of how many they own and submit to restrictions on their use. The magazines could only be loaded with 10 or fewer rounds, except in their owners’ homes or at a shooting range, where they can be fully loaded.

Democratic Gov. Dannel Malloy supported those — including many Sandy Hook parents — who had called for an outright ban:

Simply banning [the magazines’] sale moving forward would not be an effective solution.

One Sandy Hook parent — whose son was murdered — said:

I think it’s useless to register the magazines. How are you going to register them? I think it’s stupid. There’s no way to register them, there’s no serial numbers. … It’s just another law or regulation that’s not going to be enforceable.

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