Only Cruz Can Beat Trump

Approximate post-Super Tuesday delegate projections pending Alaska:

Trump — 262 (21% of what’s required to win the nomination)

Cruz — 215 (17% of what’s required to win the nomination)

Rubio — 93 (8% of what’s required to win the nomination)

Translation: Trump and Cruz are neck and neck right now, and unless Rubio can win Florida the only two candidates who can win the nomination.

P.S. — given where the race was at coming into tonight, other than pulling it out in Arkansas tonight couldn’t have gone better for Cruz. Yeah, Trump won a lot of states, but he’s still under 300 delegates. And Cruz is closer to Trump than Rubio is to Cruz.

So if you want to beat Trump there’s only one candidate with the message, money, organization, and support to do it — just as I said all along. And it’s Cruz. And what I loved about his speech tonight is he drew that American Revolution vs. French Revolution contrast. It’s now time for folks to decide if they really like Rubio that much more that they’re willing to in essence help Trump. Time for Rubio to keep his word that he can unite the party, and now drop out and do exactly that.

We all agree Trump as the nominee would be a disaster morally, politically, and electorally. Well then, let’s do something about it. Because when conservatives unite we win.

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