Germans Arming Themselves Against Violent Muslim Refugees- Legally and Illegally

German blogger Claudia Bommer of Die Waffe(n) der Frau writes:

The international media has covered the mass sex attacks in Cologne and other cities in Germany, commited mainly by “refugees.”  Although TTAG is a website dedicated to news about gun-related topics in the US, publisher Robert Farago found the crimes serious enough to cover the story. He expressed his anger that Germany has left law-abiding citizens disarmed against criminals. Where is the discussion about self-defense in Germany, he asks. He wrote that it seems to be nowhere, even though it should be centre stage. That’s not exactly true . . .

The German mainstream media’s coverage did not offer the slightest hint of self-defense. Even though these coordinated incidents were a main topic for nearly a month, the strongly leftist media first tried to deny that the attacks were commited by refugees. Then they denied the extent of the attacks (to this day, there are over 1000 legal proceedings reported).

Feminists were silent or tried to play down these attacks by stating that all men are potential rapists. Alice Schwarzer, THE icon of German feminism, was one among few who blamed the widely common disrespect for women by Muslim men as major cause for these attacks. The press suddenly labeled her a “right-wing feminist.”

Colognes Mayor Henriette Reker made many people, especially women, angry with her stupid advice to better stay away one arm-length from strangers. But there’s another story here . . .

Sales of pepper spray and alarm guns/pistols for blank cartridges (both legal in Germany and to buy without any permit) went up 600 percent since the coordinated sex attacks. Many gun dealers are sold out on these items. Some self-defense trainers are now offer free trainings for women. Classes are fully booked.

And all of a sudden, guns – real guns – become a topic for more and more Germans. People who would have said a few years earlier that they don’t need guns, that guns were bad, now come to think about the usefulness of a gun. A lot of German gun owners report about inquiries from friends and acquaintances, how to get a gun. The same with websites on gun-related topics; traffic is way up.

These people are not too concerned about the lawfulness of obtaining a gun. Who can blame them? It takes at least a year in a gun club, regular training and a two-day course (“Waffensachkunde”) to obtain a license to own a gun. A license to carry a gun is nearly impossible to obtain.

How many people are taking this path — whether its mainly rifles, shotguns or handguns — is not known. The press is not investigating. But the number grows with each new outrage.

Meanwhile the German Rifle Association continues its fight for German gun rights. Formed in 2009, the GRA is a grassroots organisation without membership fees that relies on the support of the people who share its goals: making gun ownership easier, empowering law-abiding citizens to exercise their natural right to carry guns.

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