What some liberals really think of gun owners

I don’t think this is a widespread belief on the left – only among the kooky left who never seem to get the attention that kooky conservatives get.

Mark Green, former candidate for New York city mayor, equates gun owners with child molesters:

Former Democratic New York City mayoral candidate Mark Green appeared on MSNBC’s Hardball on Thursday where he advocated for the strictest of gun ownership laws. He said that there should be a registry where people can go to see if their neighbor is a gun owner, just as “Megan’s Law” allows for individuals to see if there is a convicted sex offender living in their neighborhood. 

“If we have a Megan’s Law – because I think almost everyone might agree – that if you’re a convicted child molester, a neighbor might want to know that because they’re in your home, safe, but maybe they could hurt someone else,” Green said. “Same thing with guns.”

“There may be people who think the more concealed weapons, the better. Fine. Live in Texas or Florida,” Green added.

Fill-in host Michael Smerconish and Putnam County, New York, Executive Maryellen Odell both took exception to Green’s statement. Smerconish made it clear that he was in no way equating lawful gun owners with convicted child molesters.

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