Gun control: candidate ideology, polarization, division?

Who’s dividing whom?

If you’ve come to understand that the left in America is exhibiting one of the most fundamental defense mechanisms – Projection – you’re going to the head of the class. One of the biggest mistakes we can make is in imagining that the left is dealing with America in good faith.

Ideology is not divisive, it can be most unifying under our system as our way of life. Like ostracism, it’s not to be discouraged necessarily, but invoked from time to time as a survival tool. Under our system, debate is welcome, productive and even guiding, and should never be portrayed as it is as a negative. Naturally, the left in America tries to make it out to be imposing values, but, as usual, they are projecting their own motivations of what they do best: imposing their own values on others. The problem with the left is not ideology or views, but of having police powers and the use of force to enforce those views.