Obama’s Lesson From Abroad

Thanks to journalist Jerome Corsi, we now know for a fact that Democrat presidential candidate Barak Obama is joined at the hip with Kenya’s Marxist thug Raila Odinga, now the country’s Prime Minister.

Obama campaigned for Odinga in 2006 and had the foreign policy aide in his U.S. Senate office (Mark Lippert) act as intermediary during Odinga’s 2007 campaign for president which he lost last December. The campaign plan that Odinga laid out was developed in cooperation with Obama.

Odinga’s plan contained a specific provision for resorting to class (inter-tribal) warfare in the likely event that he, with his Luo tribal base, would lose to the much more numerous Kikuyus who support Kenyan president Mwai Kibaki. The document can be seen here:.

Obama’s father was a Luo, the same as Odinga, suggesting that ethnicity as well as shared philosophy has drawn Obama and Odinga together. Odinga, who was educated in communist East Germany, named his first son Fidel Castro Odinga.

Corsi was able to leave Kenya with campaign correspondence between Obama and Odinga because defectors from Odinga’s campaign turned the documents. They wanted the world to see what a bloodthirsty man had gotten into power.

Corsi is grateful that he got out of Kenya with his documentation. Odinga’s immigration police detained Corsi (with no justification) just before he was to present his evidence (highly damaging to Odinga) to the Kenyan public at a news conference in Nairobi. After a lot of fancy maneuvering, Corsi was able to leave at the end of the day when it became clear that many international media sources were reporting what Odinga’s thugs had done.

The class warfare provision in Obama and Odinga’s campaign plans was triggered in January and February when machete-wielding mobs of Muslim Luo’s hacked to death over 1000 Kikuyus, most of whom are Christian. Over 800 churches were burned to the ground (in one case with over 30 who had been locked inside) and tens of thousands of Kikuyus had to flee their homes.

The Kikuyus were unable to shoot back because Kenya has strict gun control laws in large measure due to their time as a British colony. Even though far outnumbering the largely Muslim Luo, President Kibaki and his fellow Kikuyus put up the white flag. A new position — that of prime minister — was created for Odinga so he could share power with Kibaki after he won the election with some 250,000 votes.

Having extorted his way into Kibaki’s government, Odinga was given several portfolios, that of immigration among them. That is how Odinga was able to kidnap Corsi, but Corsi was able to text message his predicament to Joseph Farah of WorldNetDaily.com before they stole his phone from him. Farah was soon on Fox News, and Corsi’s predicament was also picked up by CNN International. Happily I was able to recently interview Corsi right here in the good old USA (archived at www.gunowners.org/radio.htm).

Barak Obama is a gun banner. He voted to put a homeowner in jail for having used an unregistered (“illegal”) handgun to shoot a home invader who was threatening his family. Happily Obama’s view did not prevail in the Illinois Senate.

More ominous than just supporting gun control is Obama’s history of discipleship, teaching and funding of the principals and organizations spawned by followers of Saul Alinsky. Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals could have provided the intellectual basis for the Odinga plan to win power by theft, intimidation and violence. It is not surprising that Alinsky dedicated his book to Lucifer.

One of Alinsky’s flagship organizations, established during his lifetime, is ACORN. This is the group that has been under investigation for massive vote fraud in the 2008 elections.

Obama has represented Alinsky’s ACORN, given them millions from foundations on whose boards he has served with an unrepentant terrorist, and given them $800,000 (to a subsidiary) from his presidential campaign this year.

The one hopeful difference between Obama and Odinga is that Odinga was able to foment violence and destruction in a country of unarmed victims. For Obama to pursue that part of Odinga’s plan in the event of an Obama loss in the U.S. would likely result in a very different outcome. After all, unlike Kenya, Americans are well armed — to the chagrin of the Ivy League elites who trained Obama.