Gun Control: Sotomayor and citizen authority.

Thursday, June 15, 2009, Los Angeles Times “Guns key in court choice” elaborates the process of understanding Judge Sonia Sotomayor for the United States Supreme Court. The Times reports that Senate Republicans will press Sotomayor on her views of gun rights.

Let me emphasize again as I have over the last several years, that what it is about guns isn’t even about guns. It is about carrying our own burdens in independence from our own public servants.

Liberals are not needed in America. They never were needed, not really. Liberals have sought to assume our burdens for us in compassion, and when we have said No, thank you, they have rammed programs down our throats as if we need to be lectured about caring for others and compelled to care for others. This is an indignity to both. These programs, of course, don’t work as promised, because they are ill-conceived. It has never really been about compassion or social justice or even empathy of a candidate over the duty to interpret the law; it has always been about being needed, hence the force of the state brought to bear on the independent who wish to remain independent, brokered by shills who need to feel wanted. These programs sound good, but always seem to be composed with regulation and language against our better judgment.

Senators who intend to grill Sotomayor when the nominee hearings begin in July should be contacted with specific issues to be brought up. This is because gun owners understand that the Second Amendment is a reflection of the overall health of our nation; it is a reflection of whether officials (such as Justices) respect liberty and our little need for the State and how we prefer it that way. I am speaking of 90 million adults, not the entire nation. But when you think of 330 million people, you are considering all ages; think only of adults such as voters and 90 million is a most significant bloc of constituents then. And that’s just gun owners. How many other patriots are interested in their independence out from under bigger government and sense pressures and trends against their interests in liberty? Better start writing Congress in time for the hearings.

Guns aren’t merely for self-defense, they are primarily for showing how silly anti-crime programs aren’t really needed. Being a gun owner is not a matter of having a gun, it is a philosophy of independence and preferring being on your own, thank you very much.

The armed citizen in the United States does not fight tyranny by a gun directly, the armed citizen discredits go-nowhere anti-crime programs which, by themselves, tyrannize taxpayers. The armed citizen — under citizen authority and law — impeaches the very need for so many such programs on the face of them.

Gun control in America hasn’t even come close to its promises, because that was never its intention. The coming health care crisis is being re-examined by Congress, and even liberals are coming to understand how, for some colleagues, being needed trumps the legitimacy of the proposal. It sort of taints everything, this peccadillo of being needed.

You see, what it all bubbles down to is that government can never take your place as the first line of defense in time of violence. The bigger truth is that State cannot take your place on many things, but its keeps trying because that is where the power is, that is where that craving for being needed is. That’s where people who resist the silliness are met with the force of the State to get with the program or else.

Thomas Edison said that, in inventing the incandescant bulb, he’d found 600 things that don’t work. You’d think the State would be able to find the one thing that doesn’t work for America!

Through Congress’s experience with gun control, and because of the experience of major cities who defy that law of the land, they each know how far they can push America. Health Care, here we come.

Republicans really need to get behind everything the Second Amendment really stands for – Independence from our very own public servants — and get behind the Second Amendment herself in a nationwide affirmation of concealed carry of handguns. Republicans need to make Independence a plank on their platform and affirm the right to carry a handgun as more than a right, as a Safeguard of our nation in totally discrediting tons of boondoggles based on crime.

We are at the mercy of so-called anti-crime programs which only grow crime, because the State used force to go against our better judgment. Write your Congress Critter to recommend what to ask in the hearing of Judge Sonia Sotomayor in affirming how our better judgment should prevail in the interest of the people and not the self-interest of the State any longer. The State is incompatible with Liberty.

The Honorable Senator Orrin Hatch, R-Utah

The Honorable Senator Charles E. Grassley, R-Iowa

The Honorable Senator John Kyl, R-Arizona

The Honorable Senator Lindsay Graham, R-South Carolina

The Honorable Senator John Cornyn, R-Texas

The Honorable Senator Tom Coburn, R-Oklahoma

What would you ask the candidate for confirmation? Keep it on topic and brief. You are a good will ambassador for the entire Bill Of Rights.

John Longenecker is an Examiner from Los Angeles.

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