7/06 Reapportionment Has Stolen Pro-Gun Seats

How Reapportionment Has Stolen Pro-Gun Seats In Congress

Sen. H. L. Richardson (Ret.)

The democratic left-wing anti-gun leadership will never support any kind of effective immigration policy, and for a very pragmatic reason. To do so would cut their own political throats. They will however, enthusiastically support a bad bill that grants amnesty.

They politically benefit from the flood of illegals—not only from the possibility that they may someday register to vote as democrats — BUT THE DEFINITE IMPACT THEY HAVE ON THE CENSUS.

The Democrats’ dirty little secret is knowing how to use illegals, although NOT registered to vote, to help them elect a disproportionate number of left wing democrats to office.

Few know that reapportionment of legislative districts is based on census data, body count, not registered voters. Law requires the same number of people [men, women, children and babies] living within boundaries of each district. If it is a state near Mexico, it inevitably has a large body of illegals who are counted in the census and comprise a sizable segment of the Spanish speaking population.

The Mexican American population who can register to vote registers as Democrats, with only a very small percentage choosing to be Republicans.

Illegals, out of necessity and for cover, gravitate to population centers where they can mingle with those who speak their own language. Therefore, they enlarge the ranks of the Mexican American population.

Like the African Americans, not a high percentage of Mexican Americans register to vote, leaving an opportunity for a small body of left wing activists inside the Mexican area to run for office with financial help from outside left–wing liberals.

As an example, imagine a border state X with a census count population of 2,000,000 of which 20% are illegals. [400,000]. According to law, each State Senate district should have 100,000 people living in it.

In state X, out of the population of two million including illegals, only a million that can vote legally, bother to register to vote. The state’s registered voters are half Democrat and half Republican. One could then assume that in a normal election all the seats would be competitive with either party having a chance to win control of the legislature.

However, look what could happen if liberal Democrats are in control of the committee responsible for reapportioning state X. Using just three districts as an example, see what can happen with an abundance of illegals.

Population [D] [R] Illegals and
unregistered citizens
District 1. 100,000 20,000 5,000 75,000
District 2. 100,000 30,000 10,000 60,000
District 3. 100,000 10,000 45,000 45,000
——- —— —— ——

             300,000    60,000  60,000     180,000

By the careful maneuvering of district lines, the democrat reapportionment committee has done the following. By combining the large number of illegals and unregistered Americans, they with a relatively small number of registered democrats and a much smaller group of registered republicans, create a sizable majority of safe democrat seats. In doing so, it requires them to cram as many registered republicans as they can in a few districts as possible. They don’t care if there are a few republicans elected as long as they aren’t the majority and as long as they don’t influence the legislature.

The example above is how they do it. As required by law, they adjust all the state senate district lines to include 100,000 people but in secret and without knowledge or input from republicans or the public, they can and do create a majority of democrat districts.

By creating a few fat, safe republican districts, it’s easy pickings to find a few moderate Republicans who will vote with them if given one of the safe republican seats.

The nation has an estimated 12 million illegals within our boundaries. With porous borders, the numbers grow by the year. By the next census in 2010, the illegals will have increased by the millions. Illegals therefore play a definite role in who is and who isn’t elected. This is especially true in states that border Mexico.

California’s population consists of close to one out of every eight Americans. California’s Illegals number is in the millions. Directly, although unknowingly, they play a dominant role in how this state is governed — without one of them ever registering to vote.

Districts that are gerrymandered so overwhelmingly one-sided make a joke out of the democratic process in California and other border states. This is just another reason why illegal entry in the country must be stopped.

People wonder how California can elect a Ronald Reagan and still have a Democrat controlled Senate and Assembly. The reason is the democrats have controlled California reapportionment for the past fifty years. Californians, when given a chance, are more conservative than people believe.

I can guarantee most Americans haven’t a glimmer about how they are being used and cheated out of a fair election process. Believe it or not, many elected legislators haven’t a clue on how reapportionment operates.

I can also tell you reapportionment should never be left in the hands of a left-wing legislature. We would have a better chance of fairness by turning it over to a collection of mental patients and skid-row derelicts than leaving it where it now resides.

(Sen. Richardson is Founder and Chairman of Gun Owners of America.)