2/06 Anti-Gunners Still At It

Anti-Gunners Still At It — Keep Watch!
by Michael Cook

Every once in a while, it pays to sit back and take a look at what the anti-gun people are trying to do. So being a strong supporter of the Second Amendment and gun rights, I did just that. Here are a few observations I would like to share.

After the attack on the World Trade Center and the election of a Republican majority in Congress, things began to change in a positive way for the pro-gun movement. We saw public opinion start to turn and Congress passing laws that help our side. The anti-gun groups became more desperate and they are having more trouble raising money to continue the fight against your gun rights. This is when they become dangerous.

I noticed that they have pulled back some and moved into small pockets where they still have a chance. They have taken a page out of the environmental movement’s play book and zip coded their agenda to win small battles here and there. For example look at California and the cities in that state. San Francisco, for one, has attempted to pass laws banning handguns. New York City has reacted in the same manner. Both cities have stepped up measures to make their unconstitutional laws have more strength and go after those who have, or bring into the city, handguns.

The only thing that seems to keep the media at bay right now is the war in Iraq and it has their attention for the time being. There is still some movement in that arena, but not like it was.

The one over-riding observation I have made over the years is that the anti side will use anything to further their agenda. They will lie, cheat, and trump up things to make their side look stronger. In short, they will do anything to win. The problem they have is most of them know nothing about firearms and when they try to show how dangerous a firearm is, like the AK-47, they talk about it as being a automatic assault weapon. Then they show a legal semi-automatic weapon on TV. This takes in a few people. After all, when we see pictures of our enemies in the streets shooting these weapons into the air and at us, we have a bad reaction to that. These are not the same weapon that you and I can legally own here in America; they just look alike. So, the anti-gunners use this to their advantage. As my wife said, “they skew the view and most of us, like me, don’t know the difference.”

The anti’s use this to their advantage all the time and it takes a lot of money and time for us pro-gun people to make the truth known. Even then, there is that percent of the people who never get the word. The media sure does not help pro-gun people to get the truth out there.

What we have on our side is the truth and the Constitution, so the anti’s realize they must attack these two things to win. The pro-gun organizations like the National Rifle Association and Gun Owners of America are demonized as right-wing groups and pure out and out anti-Christ groups bent of destroying our society. Then, they turn around and tell us the Constitution is outdated and a living document that is subject to change. Of course none of this is even close to the truth, but the more they say it, the more people listen.

Another lie the anti’s use is crime. We all know that this movement has nothing to do with crime and the control of crime and only helps it increase it when they win. We have seen over and over, the more freedom we have to bear arms, the less crime we have. Those facts are hard to overcome by the anti-gun groups.

One of the many problems pro-gun people like myself have is, when we see things start to swing our way and believe that the fight may be over, we tend to relax and sit back to enjoy our win. That is when we are weakest and they go in for the kill. We sit here and say, so who cares about San Francisco and New York anyway? I will never go there. Well, we should all care — because like a virus, once it gets a foothold somewhere, it will spread and infect others. You see, that is how I see the anti-gun movement is like a big virus we must attack with all our might and kill before it infects our society, causing a pandemic we will never be able to stop. It needs to go the way of the passenger pigeon.

Please stand up with the truth and what is right. Be strong all the time. Remember, prevention is the best thing we have working for us.

God bless America and God bless our troops still in harm’s way.