How Can Sane Minds Contact Insane Minds?

I remember walking down the hall of the psychiatric hospital at Cedar Springs and Maple, in Dallas, during my course in psychiatry in my junior year of medial school. A patient walking towards me had a vacant stare on his face and didn’t hear me as I said, “Hi.” A few days later, I held his head and kept him from biting his tongue as he convulsed from electric shock treatment. A day or so later, as we passed in the hallway, he said, “Hi doc,” as he looked at me.

Bringing an insane mind into contact with reality and sanity is a significant problem today. Today there is a king of mass hysteria involving a phobia about firearms.

These affected people are psychopaths who want firearms available only to the police and military, as in Mexico, where many police and some military (the zetas) have become murderers for the drug cartels and the chief of police in Nuevo Loredo was shot to death in broad daylight on his first day in office. They know of this, but they stare blankly ahead showing that they have no contact with the reality of the world around them, like the man in the hallway.

By their behavior, they show that they are totally and completely insane and out of contact with the real world around them. Are they on the side of the drug cartels? If so, why? Are they addicts who owe their allegiance to the drug lords? If so, why? Are they addicts who should be tested for drugs?

These same insane people nullified the Constitution of the United States and provided an indispensable help to Osama Bin Laden as they disarmed pilots and passengers and provided an indispensable fifth column for Osama Bin Laden to murder over 3,000 American citizens.

Most psychopathic murderers kill only a few, but these psychopathic murderers killed thousands, yet no one can contact the insane minds Sarah Brady, Ted Kennedy, Dianne Feinstein, Russ Feingold, Hillary Clinton, Barbara Boxer, and John McCain. Would electroshock work? It’s worth a try!