8/04 Universities: Tyranny’s Breeding Grounds

Universities: Tyranny’s Breeding Grounds

Larry Pratt

The pall of political correctness has settled over university campuses across the land and is suffocating independent thinking. One of the collateral casualties is erosion of support for the Bill of Rights and for limited government.

Liberty, of course, is not to be confused with libertinism, something which the politically correct crowd does all the time. As Professor Mike Adams reports from deep inside the PC monster (University of North Carolina at Wilmington), one is free to have a pornographic web site linked to the university’s own web site. This same freedom does not extend to a non-PC web site.

Adams has authored a book relating his experiences in the halls of PC. Welcome to the Ivory Tower of Babel: Confessions of a Conservative College Professor is written with a great deal of humor. No doubt much of the humor is lost on most of Adams’ colleagues.

For the PC police (i.e., most college professors and administrators), disagreement is offensive. Anything that is offensive is to be ridden out of town on a rail, if not tarred and feathered first. The First Amendment on the nation’s campuses has become a protection of your right to agree with the PC party line. Anything short of that agreement is offensive and not to be tolerated. If you are not tolerated by the PC, it is proof that you are not tolerant, which is considered a major shortcoming (the word “sin”, of course, is not used because it is not a PC word).

Adams was hired and became tenured as a liberal atheist Democrat. Although he was not on a religious pilgrimage, he ended up becoming a Christian, and eventually a conservative Republican. There went the neighborhood!

Adams had an epiphany on the gun issue while he was still a card carrying PC non-thinker. Some college friends of his were murdered and he had to travel past that spot every day on his way to the job that put him through school. While still a socialist in good standing, he bought a gun and joined the NRA.

When I interviewed Adams on my talk show, Live Fire (http://www.gunowners.org/radio.htm), I asked him if buying a gun might not have been the door through which later came a world view that opposed the PC world of socialism. Adams said that in fact, looking back, it would be fair to say that the decision to buy a gun was a decision to rely on himself for his own safety, and not to rely on the government.

Self-reliance, in the very important area of self defense, was the beginning of the end of his socialist views. Ultimately, Mike Adams ended up poking fun at those still mired in all the enslaving and impoverishing views he used to hold.

Moral of the story? Buy a gun and become a conservative. If you already are a conservative, buy another gun to make a liberal mad. Adams does. He has told the PC crowd on the campus that every time they rain on his parade, he is going to buy another gun. He has a lot of guns, thanks to his PC colleagues.