The 2nd Amendment Is My Conceal-Carry Permit

While the Obama-led federal government appears indifferent, if not averse, to the Constitution, various state governments across the country are embracing the founding document anew.

We’ve seen this via the 10th Amendment movement and the state-led opposition to Obamacare. And recently, Arizona’s Republican Governor Jan Brewer has shown another way back to the Constitution by signing a law which views the 2nd Amendment’s constitutional right to keep and bear arms as a concealed-carry permit within the borders of her state.

While Obama treats the Constitution as a body of negative rights which justify federal expansion and intrusion into our lives, Arizona has just passed a law based on the premise Ted Nugent once expressed when he said: “The 2nd Amendment is my conceal-carry permit.”

This new law allows Arizonans who are at least 21 years old and who have no felonies on their record to carry a concealed handgun on their person without a permit.
Since 1994, Arizonans who wanted to carry a concealed handgun had to apply for a state-issued permit and pass “a one-day course which [covered] everything from when state law allows the use of deadly force to proving the ability to handle and fire [a] gun.” But Brewer realized this approach was nonsensical because Arizonans have always been able carry a gun that is not concealed without any type of permit process whatsoever.
Simply put, Brewer had the common sense to ask why people who carry guns in a holster that’s visible are allowed to do so without regulation while those who carry a gun that’s hidden under a sports coat have to get the government’s permission first? Brewer’s spokesman, Paul Senseman, said: “If you carry a weapon and it’s exposed, it’s totally legal, [but] if your T-shirt hangs over it, [or] you’ve got a coat over the top of it, you’re carrying it illegally.”

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