Obama Wants to Disarm Us For Our Own Good

On March 13, 2010, the Arizona Star Daily carried an op-ed written by President Barack Obama that called for more gun control in the name of “common sense.”

Using the Tucson shooting as a justification for this new effort, Obama also cited various other violent acts committed by criminals, including Columbine, to convince us that it’s time to go after guns once more.

When will liberals learn that going after the criminals who use guns is far more effective than going after the guns that law-abiding citizens possess? (In fact, let it me state here at the outset that “we the people” know politicians are being disingenuous about their intentions to keep us safe when they react to crime by targeting the tools we use to keep ourselves safe – guns – instead of targeting those who misuse the tools – criminals.)

Throughout the op-ed Obama pushed and pulled: that is, he pushed for more gun control by describing it as an “intelligent way to make the United States of America a safer…place” then pulled back to focus on how certain he was that “almost all gun owners in America are highly responsible [citizens]… who buy their guns legally and use them safely.” At the risk of parsing Obama’s words a bit more than he did, it doesn’t make sense to speak of gun control as “intelligent” if you’re also going to admit “almost all gun owners are highly responsible.”

In truth, Obama’s words demonstrate that more gun control is actually unintelligent and thus against commonsense, for it will only result in greater scrutiny on those already designated as “highly responsible” (which will do nothing to stop crime.)

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