Anti-Gun Agenda of Government Schools

FedEd: Anti-Gun Agenda of Government Schools

by Larry Pratt

FedEd is a book by Allen Quist, a former Minnesota state legislator, university professor, farmer and education activist.

FedEd: The New Federal Curriculum and How It’s Enforced is a book all Second Amendment defenders should read. You will see clearly how the federal government has more firmly than ever taken over local education. Having done so, the agenda for a New World Order is being crammed down our throats.

During the time we suffered under President Clinton, he rammed through the Congress the legislation needed to pull off what amounts to a coup d’etat of the American educational system.

H.R. 6 gave a no-bid contract in 1998 to the Center for Civic Education to revamp the country’s civic education. Because of the fed’s control of the purse strings entangling local school systems, the changes have been made and are already showing up in classrooms.

Quist cites the number of times various topics appear in the National Standards for Civics and GovernmentStandards are the result of the 1998 law. He found the following number of references: environment, 17; multiculturalism, 42; First Amendment, 81; Second Amendment, 0. produced by the Center to guide curricula, textbook and test content. The

Textbooks will not be purchased unless they comply with the standards. Schools won’t buy textbooks that do not conform to the standards for fear that their federal funding will be cut off. And the textbooks are just as PC as are the national civic standards.

In general, Quist says, “One-world curriculum, one-world values, one-world culture, one-world job skills, one-world economy, universal system of schools — that is what the new Federal Curriculum is all about. Such utopian dreams require massive central planning.”

The testing companies are under the same constraints as are the textbook publishers. The tests that students must take are rapidly becoming as PC as the Federal Curriculum.

The view of education is quite utilitarian. People become mere resources to be managed for the greater good of the whole.

Quist compares the views of two great socialist educators:

Every bit of knowledge one acquires should be accompanied by a demonstration of how it can be applied to the practical needs of society. — Vladimir Lenin

This workshop will outline a strategy for integrating academic and vocational courses around career majors. — 2000 School-to-Work Conference, Minneapolis, MN

Home school and private school students are ensnared in the system just as much as are government students. The SAT (Standard Aptitude Test) are not any longer designed to measure the student’s ability and likelihood to succeed in college. Now the SAT will measure what the student has been taught in school — as defined by the new Federal Curriculum.

The Clintonista’s takeover of American education must be undone or we will have voters in a few years who have no basis for rejecting the nonsense spewed by those friends of criminals who want to disarm the decent folks.

The Department of Education budget has become a Second Amendment battleground.

My interview with Allen Quist is on the GOA website in the Live Fire section. His book is available for $12 plus $4.50 shipping from Gun Owners Foundation, 8001 Forbes Place, Springfield, VA 22153. For phone orders, call 703-321-8585.