Illegals and the Second Amendment

To keep ‘undocumented immigrants’ from buying guns, Texas cops allegedly violated local and federal gun laws.

Gun enthusiasts in central Texas are upset over what they say is a heavy-handed effort by police in Austin, the capital, to restrict the legal sale of firearms at gun shows in violation of state and federal laws. Specifically, they accuse Austin’s police of unlawfully restricting the sales of guns between law-abiding citizens at a gun show last weekend.

Interestingly, police were in large part seeking to keep “undocumented immigrants” from buying guns — and so they “recommended” to the property owner on which a gun show was held that all gun sales be made by licensed gun dealers and that private sellers transfer their guns through gun dealers. The property owner, H-E-B, is a local grocery chain.

Austin is considered a “sanctuary city” and is home to many “undocumented immigrants,” primarily from Mexico.