10/00 Blood On Their Hands

Blood On Their Hands
Larry Pratt

The California state legislature has the blood of two murder victims on their hands. The victims would almost certainly still be alive were it not for California’s Lock up Your Safety” law.

John Carpenter was more afraid of the illegitimate law passed by the California legislature than he was of the harm his defenseless family could suffer from a criminal. Because of that, two of his little children, John William (7) and Ashley (9), are dead. All five children were home alone.

In a struggle straight from a B-grade horror film, Jonathon David Bruce cut the phone of the Carpenter home and burst in wielding a pitchfork. The naked intruder killed little John William as he lay in his parents’ bed.

Ashley struggled with the killer as he attacked Anna (13). Bruce then turned his weapon on her and pinned her little body to the wall and stabbed her to death as she fell to the floor, begging for her life. This allowed Anna and Vanessa (11) to escape with the other sister.

Anna told her Dad from her hospital bed: “Ashley saved my life, Dad.”

Meanwhile, Jessica tried to call 911 and found the line dead. She then tried to get one of the family guns, but the California legislators had made sure that would not happen. They were locked up. She was prevented from using a gun she knew perfectly well how to use.

A neighbor declined to get his rifle and stop the killer, but Jessica did manage to call 911 with his phone.

The cops finally put an end to the nightmare when they found Bruce still at the crime scene. As Bruce charged them, they killed him with a dozen shots.

Sixteen other states have these murderous laws. As Sarah Brady likes to say, “If we can save just one life, this bill should be passed.” Well, two lives could have been saved if the California Lock Up Your Safety law had been repealed. That’s one gun law Gun Owners of America would like to see passed.