4/00 Clinton & Wesson Agreement

Clinton & Wesson Agreement
Larry Pratt

Earlier this year, the Clinton administration shocked the nation when it announced a historic agreement with the venerable firearms manufacturer, Smith & Wesson.

But if all you knew of the Clinton & Wesson agreement was what the mainline media told you, you would think that Smith & Wesson only agreed to require people to buy trigger locks with their guns.

Since they were already doing that, you might think that Smith was pretty clever.

As is often the case, the media version is far from the truth. The Clinton & Wesson agreement is a black-booted step toward the stomping out of the rule of law.

The Clinton & Wesson deal is actually a contract to be enforced by court order. It is a piece of unconstitutional legislation that never went before a legislature. It will result in tax moneys being spent without legislative appropriation.

The Clinton & Wesson deal is taxation without representation. Ever hear that phrase before? Probably not if you’re a recent graduate of a government school.

The Commission will be comprised of four bureaucrats and one industry representative. There is no information in the contract about how they will be chosen or financed. One thing is certain; Congress will have no say in the matter. And these folks will not be working as volunteers.

But if there are any infractions of the yet-to-be determined edicts of the Commission, the violators can be put in jail for contempt of court.

The Clinton gun control agenda is enacted in this contract, and it will apply to ALL gun sales, not just sales of Smith products.

No sales at gun shows where there is still the freedom of private sales. No sales without a certificate of consumer training. No purchases of more than one handgun ever two weeks. No sales of self-defense magazines above the politically correct number of 10. No sales of politically incorrect semi-automatic rifles and shotguns.

The dealers would have tremendous costs as well, including electronic security, huge safes, ammo displayed out of reach, and more.

If you were a dealer, would you submit to these terms? No wonder Smith & Wesson is being dropped like a hot rock by dealers.

Concerted action by dealers in an anti-trust law violation? Hardly. These are the spontaneous decisions of rational, freedom-loving Americans in the gun business.

Why not tell your dealer you want him to drop Smith, that you do not want to buy any gun from a dealer who has bowed the knee to a tyranny on a par with what George III attempted?

Boycott Smith & Wesson. Support the Constitution.