2/00 Real Agenda

Real Agenda
Larry Pratt

Sarah Brady of Handgun Control, Inc. says that her group only wants to get guns out of the wrong hands.

From debating her and the other spokesmen from HCI, I can assure you that they think that the “wrong hands” belong to the entire civilian population of the country.

For example, when debating HCI spokesmen, I frequently challenge them to help repeal the DC gun ban which even makes it illegal to use a gun in self-defense! Surely, I ask them, you do not think that everybody in Washington are the wrong hands.

“Well,” they respond, “We respect local preference.” Really, I ask, then why did you impose the Brady Law on the half of the states that had chosen not to have such legislation?

This exchange alone is enough to prove that they are for total civilian disarmament.

But there is more. Consider the frequent invitation to gun owners to accept such “reasonable gun control” as licensing. Why, we license cars don’t we? Why should guns be any different?

To ask the question reveals a willingness to ignore the Second Amendment protection of the right to keep and bear arms. But they don’t really mean they would treat a gun license like a driver’s license.

With my driver’s license I can drive my car to the bank, to the bar, to church, to school — wherever I want. But the folks at Handgun Control have opposed even much more restrictive concealed carry permits.

Gun controllers want total civilian disarmament because they do not believe in self defense. I debated Rep. Carolyn McCarthy of NY. Her husband was killed during the Long Island Railroad shooting.

I asked Rep. McCarthy if it would have been wrong if someone had had a gun on that train and shot Colin Ferguson and saved her husband’s life. I asked her the same question about the two adults who stopped school killers in their tracks because the adults were able to get their guns and stop the killing.

Mrs. McCarthy simply would not respond. No matter how I pressed her, she refused to answer the question.