2/00 State Of The Second Amendment

State Of The Second Amendment
Larry Pratt

Freedom everywhere is under attack. One of the main targets of freedom haters is an armed citizenry.

We are not surprised when we learn that dictators disarm their subjects. What should positively alarm us is when political leaders in the United States advocate the same policies as did Hitler, Stalin and many other mass murderers of the last century.

Democratic presidential contestants, Al Gore and Bill Bradley, have joined the Congressional clamor calling for registration and licensing of guns and gun owners. It has to be said, even though it is not politically correct, that these were the very laws that enabled disarmament of Germans, Russians, Armenians and many others prior to the great waves of genocide.

“But wait,” it is objected, “that’ll never happen here! Are you suggesting that our government would ever confiscate guns?” Frankly, I don’t have to suggest it. All I need to do is point to the confiscations in New York City and in California that have followed gun registration and licensing of owners.

While most of America was celebrating the New Millennium, thousands of California gun owners were wondering when the knock on the door would come for their SKS sporter rifles. These guns had been purchased and registered. Now the rules have been changed and these gun owners were told to surrender their guns by the end of last year or become a felon this year. Happy New Year, California style!

The Founders spelled out the Second Amendment, along with the other freedoms protected in the rest of the Bill of Rights, because they did not trust government. After Richard Nixon and Bill Clinton, to name just two, why should we now?

Most Americans still believe that the Founders meant for the Second Amendment to protect our individual right to keep and bear arms. Certainly, the Founders who had fought a war to keep the British from collectively owning American guns were not of a mind to give away what so many had fought and died for.

If we are serious about protecting our freedoms we had best be serious about getting the anti-freedom crowd out of office. One of the best ways to sort out the good guys from the bad guys is the gun issue. If they are not for you having a gun, they are not for you at all.