Op-Ed: The best .380 ACP handguns for pocket carry

Many people find it easy to drop a gun in their pocket and head out for the day. The most common type of gun for pocket carry is .380 ACP due to the micro size and the light weight. Most micro-sized .380 ACP handguns weigh under 20 ounces fully loaded, so pocket carrying them is less burdensome, especially in the summer months. Given that, many gun makers create the smallest and lightest pistols to suit the pocket carry population.

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I came up with what I feel are the best (and most popular) .380 handguns for pocket carry. These five handguns have a very good reputation for accuracy and reliability. Each company is reputable with a large following of people who trust their lives with these products. In most cases, these little .380 ACP handguns mimic the manufacturers’ larger models, so the function, trigger pull and shooting impressions feel comfortable and natural to the shooter. …

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