OH: Take Action to Support OH HB 51!

The federal government has and will continue to come after your right of self-defense. It’s time for states to take a stand against federal tyranny.

With Biden’s ATF announcing a new rule that requires owners of pistol-braced firearms to add themselves to a federal gun registry or risk becoming a felon, it is well past time for individual states to pass legislation fighting back.

That’s where OH HB 51 comes in. The “Second Amendment Preservation Act” (SAPA) prohibits state officials or law enforcement from enforcing federal gun control and provides punishments for those that do. This bill would make Ohio a Second Amendment sanctuary state, which provides the people of Ohio with another safeguard for their God-given right to bear arms and lowers the likelihood of new federal gun control being enforced within the state.

However, gun owners must apply political pressure to ensure this bill becomes law.

Please click here to take action and urge your Representatives to support OH HB 51!