MN: Omnibus Gun Control Bill Being Heard on Friday!

The anti-gun Democrats in the Minnesota Senate have two hearings planned this week to debate further infringements upon your Second Amendment rights! 

This Friday, there will be a hearing on SF 2909, which is a massive omnibus bill with tons of gun control hidden inside. This bill contains Universal Background Checks, Red Flag Gun Confiscation Orders, magazine capacity limits, restricting long-gun purchases from people aged 18-20, and more! 

Not only are they debating that, but there is also another gun control hearing scheduled for this Thursday, where they are debating similar legislation. 

With the anti-gun Democrats in control of the State House, Senate, and Governor’s office, there is a real chance of these tyrannical propositions becoming law. 

We need to use our voice and urge the senators to OPPOSE any and all gun control that makes it to the floor for a vote. 

Please send a pre-written message to your Senator urging them to oppose SF 2909 and all other gun control being heard.