OH: Ohio Could Soon Become the Next Constitutional Carry State!

After months of being stuck with no movement, SB 215 (permitless carry) has finally been passed in its second chamber. 

Unfortunately, the bill was slightly watered down with amendments and is far from a perfect Constitutional Carry bill. However, it is still much better than the current law. 

One of the issues with this bill is that it only allows those over age 21 to carry without a permit, which ignores the rights of thousands of Ohioans between the ages of 18-21. Another issue is that a license is still required to carry a firearm in certain places, such as school zones and courtrooms. Lastly, the bill was also amended to require a citizen to immediately inform law enforcement that they are carrying a weapon during a stop. 

While these amendments are concerning, SB 215 does still allow many citizens of Ohio to conceal carry a handgun without the government’s permission, which is why GOA is backing it. And GOA will continue to fight to improve this legislation, and implement Constitutional Carry, in the future. 

The anti-gunners are fighting SB 215 tooth and nail, so we need to put pressure on the Governor to encourage him to sign it into law. 

Governor DeWine must know that YOU want him to enact permitless carry and make Ohio the 22nd state with this legislation. Please click here to urge Governor DeWine to sign SB 215!