Expand Gun Rights to Young Adults

Representative Chris Todd (R-District 73) has introduced HB 1735 to remove restrictions for 18–20 year-old Tennesseans.

HB 1735 removes the age restrictions for residents between the ages of 18-20 that are currently disarmed by infringements created by the Tennessee Legislature.

You can listen to Representative Todd’s committee presentation here.

The bill was heard in the Civil Justice Committee on March 2, 2022, where Rep. Todd explained the intent of the bill.

“The Second Amendment guarantees every person in this country that’s of legal age, 18 and over, to be able to keep and bear arms and that right shall not be infringed. I’m just trying to remove one of those infringements for 18-20-year-olds.” – Representative Todd

Tennessee’s Reciprocity Would Remain

The Tennessee Department of Safety has been fighting this bill since it was introduced. And they have been making unsubstantiated claims that “reciprocity agreements in up to 21 states could be at jeopardy if this bill were passed.”

That simply is not true. 

Currently, 25 states allow Tennessee residents 18 and older to carry if they are legal to carry in Tennessee. Eleven additional states have reciprocity for permit holders but exclude 18-20 year-olds per that state’s conditions and restrictions.

Take action now to let Representatives know their action is necessary to bring Tennessee one-step closer to real Constitutional Carry! 

We need this bill passed out of committee so that our representatives can make our voices heard. Please call the Civil Justice Committee members below to let them know you want HB 1735 passed through committee.

Please call or email the following committee members to support HB 1735:

And then follow up your calls with an email to your own legislator.  

We know how valuable your time is and greatly appreciate your willingness to devote a few moments to the fight to preserve the Second Amendment in Tennessee. Take action now!