OH: Help Ohio Become a Constitutional Carry State!

Constitutional Carry needs your help!

As a reminder, there are two Constitutional Carry bills that BOTH PASSED their originating chamber.

GOA has learned that the House Government Oversight Committee is holding hearings on SB 215 THIS WEEK! After these hearings, it will very soon be voted on within the committee. And if it passes out of committee, it will then go to the full House floor for a vote!

This is the closest Ohio has been to getting a Constitutional Carry bill on a Governor’s desk in history!

The other Constitutional Carry bill, HB 227, has not moved at all since our last alert, but should still be pushed in case SB 215 fails.

In order to make Ohio the 22nd Constitutional Carry state, we need to keep up the pressure in both chambers, and while we are at it, send a message to Governor DeWine urging him to sign Constitutional Carry into law if it makes it to his desk.

Your elected officials must know that YOU want them to continue pushing both Constitutional Carry bills forward. Please click here to urge your Representative and Senator to push for a vote on SB 215 and HB 227!