NV: Unfinished Receiver Ban Heads to the Senate Judiciary Committee!

Nevada legislators are attempting to restrict your Second Amendment rights with a ban on unfinished firearm receivers!

Assembly Bill 286 would ban the purchase, transport, and possession of any unfinished firearm frame or receiver. There is no grandfather clause, so even people who previously owned one of these would have to have it destroyed or turned in to the government. This is gun confiscation happening right before our eyes, happening at a slow rate so politicians hope not enough people notice.

This bill passed in the House last month and will have a Senate committee hearing this week. This is the probably our LAST CHANCE to stop this bill!

We at GOA are doing all we can to get this bill passed, but we still need YOUR help!

Please use our Legislator Lookup tool, and call your state Senator to urge them to oppose AB 286. Then use the form above to send them a follow up email, urging him or her to oppose AB 286 and stop attempting to strip away your rights!