New Mexico committee endorses “Red Flag” gun confiscation

Democrats look to add another state to the Red Flag List

Gun Confiscation Orders Pushed by New Mexico Senate Democrats

Imagine this:  An angry “ex” files a fraudulent petition for you with a court alleging that you are “dangerous.”  The petition is full of lies, but the “ex” realizes that no one is ever punished for filing bogus petitions.  Since the “ex” and the petitions are the only people or documents before the court, the judge grants the petition — unknown to you, the gun owner.

The next thing you know, a SWAT Team turns up at your door in the middle of the night — ready to ransack your house and armed with a list of your guns and where they are — conveniently provided by your “ex.”

If you are lucky, all that will happen is that you lose your Second, Fourth, and Fifth Amendment constitutional rights.  If you are less lucky (like Gary Willis of Ferndale, Maryland), police will panic and shoot you to death.

Welcome to “Minority Report New Mexico,” brought to you by the New Mexico Senate Public Affairs Committee and Senate Bill 5. Like the Tom Cruise movie “Minority Report,” it will be a world where gun owners are tracked down in the middle of the night and shot to death by police because they are “dangerous” and therefore pose a threat of “future crimes.”

These have been passed in 17 states — virtually all with deeply Democratic legislatures who have no problem confiscating guns from gun owners in raids in the middle of the night.

We now have enough experience with these to know how they operate:

  • First, people lie and are never brought to account for it. In Colorado, the mother of a man who was shot by police in a “death by cop” episode tried to obtain a red flag order against the police — insinuating that the policeman was the father of the dead man.
  • Second, despite the requirement that guns be returned if the orders are overturned, they are never returned according to the timetable established by the law.  And they are frequently damaged.
  • Third, police almost always find a justification for ransacking a gun owner’s house, even though the statutory draftsmen pretend that’s not a problem.
  • Finally, according to the most definitive study done of “red flag” gun confiscation by criminologist John Lott, they don’t reduce mass murder, they don’t reduce regular murder, the don’t reduce suicide, and they don’t reduce crime.

Rather, “red flag” gun confiscation just turns American states into a replica of the Third Reich — on behalf of people whose ultimate goal is the elimination of private firearms ownership in this country.