NH: Pro-gun bills on the move! Action needed!

I have some good news to report and a reminder.

Yesterday, the Senate Judiciary Committee voted HB 334, which will extend Constitutional Carry to snowmobiles and ATVs, “ought to pass.” HB 334 will now be considered by the full Senate.

The Judiciary Committee also voted HB 195 “ought to pass” as amended by the committee. HB 195, even with the Committee Amendment, will still offer protections against false accusations of reckless conduct against persons openly carrying firearms. While not as strong as the version which was introduced by Rep. Yakubovich and five co-sponsors, HB 195 offers certain protections for those carrying firearms — and — most importantly we are not losing anything which is why GOA is still supporting HB 195 with Amendment 2021-1708s.

Please use the above form to urge your Senator to support both HB 334 and HB 195 when they are considered by the full Senate.

REMINDER: SB 141 still needs help!

Mike and I have both written to you about SB 141 which will, once and for all, end the delays (waiting period) being endured by handgun buyers and sellers due to the delay prone “gun line.” There is still time to contact your state reps and urge them to support SB 141.

The “gun line” has never worked well. However, last year’s huge increase in gun sales revealed the deep structural problems with the “gun line.” There is still time to contact State Reps. and urge support for SB 141. Please click here to send a message.