NH: We need help to push 2 important pro-gun bills….

Over the past few months we have sent several alerts about SB 141 — a bill that passed the Senate on April 1 and which will disband the broken “gun line.”

On Wednesday, April 28, the House Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee will consider SB 141.

The Committee members need to hear that you support SB 141, as passed by the Senate. Please urge the committee to vote SB 141 “ought to pass” without any amendments or changes. SB 141 is co-sponsored by Sen. Bob Giuda and Rep. John Burt.

Click here to read our last alert on SB 141 which contains links to all of our previous alerts which explain about the significant delays being forced on New Hampshire gun buyers and sellers. Then please click here to let the Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee know that you want them to vote yes on an “ought to pass” motion.

On the same day, the committee will also consider SB 154, which is intended to forbid New Hampshire state and local law enforcement officers from enforcing any federal anti-gun executive orders. However, SB 154 (as written and as passed by the Senate) does not prevent state or local enforcement of federal gun laws.

We have been credibly informed that Committee Chairman Daryl Abbas and Rep. John Burt will introduce an amendment that will add teeth to SB 154. The Abbas / Burt Amendment will make it clear that New Hampshire law enforcement is forbidden from enforcing any federal gun law, rule, or proclamation.

Please use the above form to send a pre-written message to all committee members to let them know you support BOTH SB 141 and SB 154.

Then, after you have sent the message, click here to sign in support of BOTH SB 141 and SB 154. You will need to select, April 28, then the Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee, then SB 141 and enter your information. The process will need to be repeated for SB 154.

It is very important that you not only email the committee but also register your support for both bills.

If you have experienced a problem with the broken New Hampshire “gun line” please click here to tell GOA about it.