NH: Resist Biden gun control…

We have reported about SB 154, which, when introduced, was a good idea that just needed stronger language. On June 2, 2021, the House of Representatives amended SB 154 to make it clear that state and local law enforcement resources could not be used to enforce any federal gun control laws. We wrote about this here.

Unfortunately, on a motion from Senator Carson, the Senate refused to accept the House amendment and has requested a committee of conference. The Senate President has appointed Senators Bradley, Carson and Prentiss; and the Speaker of the House has appointed Representatives Abbas, Lynn, Osborne and Wallace to the Committee of Conference.

It is very important that we let the Committee of Conference know that we expect them to adopt the House-passed version of SB 154. It is important for New Hampshire to be the leader and push back against Federal anti-gun overreach. A state is under no obligation to enforce or even assist in the enforcement of any Federal laws. State and local police are hired, trained and compensated with state tax dollars. Therefore, it stands to reason that their job is to enforce state laws and local ordinances, NOT federal laws of any type.

Please use the above form to contact all the conferees and urge them to adopt the House-passed version of SB 154.