Most Americans oppose so-called assault weapons ban: poll

Most Americans oppose so-called assault weapons ban: poll

A majority of Americans now reject new restrictions on the purchase of so-called assault weapons, according to a new poll that indicates growing fears of terrorism, and lack of trust in the government’s ability to respond, are fueling a new interest in firearms.

More Americans think carrying guns is a better response to terrorism than think gun control would help, according to an ABC-Washington Post survey released Wednesday. And 53 percent — a clear majority — say they oppose renewing the ban on military-style rifles. That’s the highest level of support for weapons since 1994, when Congress passed the sweeping Assault Weapons Ban.

Erich Pratt, a spokesman for Gun Owners of America, said President Obama’s push for new gun controls helps explain a renewed interest in firearms.

“President Obama’s feckless behavior has destroyed people’s confidence that the government can protect them from terrorism,” Mr. Pratt said. “That’s why Americans are buying guns and getting concealed carry permits in record numbers.”

Overall, just 22 percent of those in the poll said they were confident that the government can prevent a “lone-wolf” attack, and only 43 percent said they were confident the government can prevent a large-scale attack….

Support for an assault weapons ban has dropped 11 points since 2013, down to just 45 percent now.

“Our God-given rights certainly don’t depend upon what the polls say,” Mr. Pratt said. “But it’s nice when you have the majority of the American public that understands why the Second Amendment is so important.”

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