GOA to Rate a “NO” Vote on the Cromnibus as a the Pro-gun Position

GOA to Rate a “NO” Vote on the Cromnibus as a the Pro-gun Position

Dear Representative:

On behalf of one million law-abiding gun owners, we are asking you, in the strongest terms, to vote against the anti-gun omnibus appropriations bill.

As a matter of process, this gigantic bill was hatched in secret and sprung on the American people less than the 72 hours before consideration, which was promised by Republicans when they asked us to elect them. 

This is precisely what you said you would not do if we gave your party control of Congress. 

As a matter of substance, the bill spends hundreds of millions of dollars to fund Barack Obama’s illegal executive actions on guns:

* It “fights gun violence” with $1.1 billion — an increase of $53 million.  We all know this is a euphemism for gun control, and there is nothing which prevents the administration from using this money to support its anti-gun “executive action” agenda. 

* The bill increases funds, by $13 million, for the widely abused NICS system which Obama has spent the last two years trying to expand — both through unsuccessful legislation and then through unlawful executive action.  

Among the people stripped of their Second Amendment rights by the bill’s largesse will be over 175,000 law-abiding veterans.  The bill is, thus, a kick in the pants to those who served our country honorably and are counting on you to protect them. 

* The bill rewards ATF for its illegal Fast and Furious program with an extra $22 million.  Eric Holder has thumbed his nose at you with respect to any accountability for this outrageous abuse, and yet the drafters have no problem rewarding him for his contempt of (and for) Congress. 

* The bill also provides $73 million for states like New York to impose gun bans when psychiatrists, as a result of its anti-gun “SAFE” Act, are forced by state law to report their patients, based on subjective determinations with no real due process.  Tens of thousands of people may experience unconstitutional gun bans in New York alone, thanks to this bill. 

* Finally, the bill provides $3 million to encourage Americans to lock up their safety, so that their guns will not be available in connection with a burglary or armed home invasion. 

Sure, the bill carries forward both pro- and anti-gun boilerplate from previous years. 

But the drafters put their money where their mouth is.  And that is in support of Obama’s unconstitutional “executive action” gun control. 

We presume all of this is intended to buy needed Pelosi votes. But no Republican should support this abomination.

One final point (and we would think it would be obvious): Having won control of the House, why in heaven’s name would you cede partial control over all spending and policy decisions for 37.5% of the 114th Congress to Harry Reid?  Surely, you would make better — and more pro-gun decisions — than he would.

Again, GOA will rate a “NO” vote on the “cromnibus” as the pro-gun position.


Tim Macy

Larry Pratt
Executive Director