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What Others Are Saying About HR 2640

“In my opinion, H.R. 2640 is a flagrantly unconstitutional expansion of restriction on the exercise of the right to bear arms protected under the Second Amendment.” — Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX) on the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives

“The American Legion, the nation’s largest wartime veterans’ service organization, strongly opposes specific provisions of H.R. 2640… that would unilaterally abrogate the rights of certain service-connected disabled veterans to own firearms, a right guaranteed by the Second Amendment.” — American Legion 09/27/07

“The plan allows names to be entered into the NICS system based solely on a physician’s diagnosis or prescription of a medication: adults who have taken Ritalin and soldiers with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder would be classified as mentally ill and given the same opportunity to own firearms as convicted felons: None.” — WorldNetDaily 06/21/07

“Senior Democrats have reached agreement with the National Rifle Association on what could be the first federal gun-control legislation since 1994….” — The Washington Post 06/10/07

“The bottom line: If NICS is expanded, expect entire groups to be denied their right to purchase a firearm.” — Wisconsin Gun Owners

“We offer our unqualified support [for HR 2640].” — Third Way (Clinton-style liberal lobbying group) President Jon Cowan

“So not only does the NRA want to vastly expand the failed Brady background check system, it wants to deny law-abiding gun owners the ability to protect themselves and others while at a school . This policy is madness.” — Oregon Firearms Federation

“An error rate of just one-tenth of one percent (very low for government work) would mean that 21,000 Americans will have their rights unjustly denied if the bill becomes law.” — Alan Korwin, author, Gun Laws of America

“H.R. 2640 is sound legislation….” — National Rifle Association 06/15/07

“The unintended consequences are obvious to any thinking person…. Naturally, like any other ‘gun control’ legislation, [it] would be enforced by the BATFE, giving them even more power to harrass and intimidate gun owners and dealers.” — Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership

“When the NRA and I agree on legislation, you know that it’s going to get through, become law and do some good.” — U.S. Senator Charles Schumer (D-NY)

“We’re calling it the ‘Sell-out of the century.'” — Rocky Mountain Gun Owners

“I don’t like guns and I don’t plan to own one, but I resent being told I might not be able to — ever — because somebody once upon a time thought I was unstable (I wasn’t, but they had the police take me to the ER for a psych eval).” — “Sharon,” quoted by Kimberly Read & Marcia Purse, About.com’s Guide to Bipolar Disorder

“Through the years, we’ve had our differences with the National Rifle Association…. Today, we write in praise the NRA.” — The San Francisco Chronicle 06/15/07

“The Brady Campaign is working full force to convince the U.S. Senate to pass this bill immediately.” — Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence e-mail alert

“For the first time [in history, HR 2640], if enacted, would statutorily impose a lifetime gun ban on battle-scarred veterans.” — Military Order of the Purple Heart 06/18/07

“The NRA has told its members in the past that Carolyn McCarthy is one of the worst of the gun banners and now the NRA has crawled in bed with her!” — Virginia Citizens Defense League

“We’re hopeful that now that the NRA has come around to our point of view in terms of strengthening the Brady background checks, that now we can take the next step after this bill passes [to impose additional gun control].” — Paul Helmke of the Brady Campaign on CNN 06/13/07