NE | Join the Fight for Permitless Carry in Nebraska!

Nebraska State Senator Tom Brewer (R-43) is pressing forward with his Permitless Carry bill, LB 77, and now has 25 co-sponsors thanks to your advocacy!

It is important for us to encourage these legislators who demonstrate the fortitude to reclaim our liberties that have been eroded away by petty tyrants attempting to strip us of our God-given rights.

Here is the list of original co-sponsors for LB 77, in addition to Senator Brewer: 

Co-Sponsors District
Aguilar 35
Albrecht 17
Ballard 21
Bostelman 23
Brandt 32
Briese 41
Clements 2
DeKay 40
Dorn 30
Dover 19
Erdman 47
Halloran 33
Hansen, B. 16
Hardin 48
Holdcroft 36
Hughes 24
Ibach 44
Jacobson 42
Linehan 39
Lippincott 34
Lowe 37
Moser 22
Murman 38
Sanders 45
Slama 1

If your State Senator is not on this list, your message will encourage them to sign on, support, and pass LB 77.

While not ideal, LB 77 is a solid first step that will make Nebraska communities more secure and enable Cornhuskers to exercise their constitutionally-protected rights without having to seek government permission first.

Despite the short comings, advocates of liberty must generate momentum in order to pressure more legislators to courageously support LB 77 so that we can get the bill across the finish line and onto Governor Jim Pillen’s desk.

It is also imperative that all those who wish to see a rebirth of freedom in our lifetimes must make every effort to attend the rally and committee hearing slated for later this month, so your politicians know that it is the will of “We the People” that they uphold the First Principles of this Great Nation.

I’ll keep you informed about upcoming hearings. In the meantime, please be sure to share this email with your pro-gun family and friends.