North Carolina Concealed Carry Reform Bill Could Move This Week in House of Representatives

Please contact your state Representative!

A bill to allow Right-to-Carry permit holders to carry concealed firearms in restaurants that serve alcohol may come to the floor of the NC House as early as Wednesday.  The bill was reportedly delayed by members of the Republican caucus, so pressure is needed to be sure this bill comes up for a vote.

Introduced by state Representatives Mark Hilton (R-96), Jeff Barnhart (R-82), Fred Steen (R-76), and Kelly Hastings (R-110), HB 111, repeals the restaurant ban for concealed carry permit holders, prohibits local government from banning permit holders from carrying in local parks, and protects permit holders who carry in State Parks.

This good bill was amended by anti-gunner Rep. Debra Ross (D-38) to allow restaurant servers to ask anyone served alcohol whether they are carrying firearms.  Gun Owners of America opposes this “poison pill” amendment and urges the legislature to remove it from the bill. Permit holders are not allowed to consume alcohol while carrying, but are not prohibited from ordering for a spouse or friend.  It is an unnecessary amendment that gives wait staff a law-enforcement function and exposes the permit holder to unwanted attention.

Please contact your state Representative rights away and urge him or her to support efforts to remove the Ross amendment, and to support the passage of House Bill 111. Click HERE to locate your Representative.