NC: Take Action to Repeal Pistol Purchase Permits!

2023 is the Year to Repeal Pistol Purchase Permits

Dear friend,

We saw the last session of the legislature end with unfinished business.  Among the fruit left hanging was the final repeal of our racist, Jim Crow Pistol Purchase Permit statute.

Although we secured legislative passage of Pistol Purchase Permit repeal in both the House and Senate, and with the full support of the NC Sheriff’s Association, Governor Cooper spitefully vetoed the bill, and an override vote was not attempted.

Gun owners worked hard in our last election to elect the necessary supermajorities in both chambers to override Governor Cooper’s vetoes.  Your efforts resulted in a true Senate conservative supermajority and a “working conservative supermajority” in the House for the 2023-2024 Session.

Now for the good news:

SB40 – Pistol Purchase Permit Repeal has just been filed! GOA thanks its Primary Sponsors, Senators Britt, Daniel, and Perry.

On Tuesday, February 14, the Senate Judiciary Committee will hear the bill in preparation for securing its Senate chamber floor vote.

Gun owners know the reasons why it’s time to repeal this unnecessary obstacle to purchasing a handgun in North Carolina, but here are just a few:

  • It’s a demonstrably ineffective statute to begin with. We know that criminals don’t get government permission to acquire firearms.
  • It’s a statute rooted in racism and dependent upon one’s “good moral character.”
  • It’s abused by Sheriffs to delay and deny permits, even today!
  • Its repeal is supported by the NC Sheriff’s Association, who previously supported this measure for many years.

Our current permit system is flawed and corrupt.

Due to flagrant abuse of the process, Gun Owners of America and Grass Roots North Carolina recently secured court orders against both the Wake and Mecklenburg County Sheriffs’ Departments to compel them to issue permits to lawful applicants.

Speak Up Now, Hearing Next Week!

The time to enact Pistol Purchase Permit Repeal is now! The Senate Judiciary Committee will be hearing this bill Tuesday, February 14th.

So please take action and urge your State Senator to support SB 40 immediately.

In liberty,

Andy Stevens
North Carolina State Director
Gun Owners of America