Debt Ceiling Compromise Threatens Senate Filibuster, 2A Rights

When gun owners defeated the anti-gunners attempt to pass UBCs this month without even holding a vote, you might have thought the worst was behind us for 2021.

Well, that certainly isn’t the case.

Just yesterday (Tuesday, December 7), Senate Democrats reportedly struck a deal with Senator Mitch McConnell and GOP Leadership to get around the filibuster “just this once.”

Speaker Pelosi rushed this nonsensical deal through the House of Representatives on a party-line vote (222-212) last night.

At the same time last night, Senator Schumer filed cloture on a motion to concur with this deal.


This is an all-hands-on deck kind of fight, so get your family and friends involved before the anti-gunners win the first real battle in the war to destroy the filibuster — which will destroy the Second Amendment.

The Senate filibuster is the only thing that keeps gun control from passing right now. Without the filibuster, anti-gun Democrats will be able to pass gun control and much more with a mere 51 votes in the Senate. They will be able to:

  1. Pass gun bans and registration, including Universal Background Checks
  2. Override state election laws to allow for greater voter fraud
  3. Pack the courts so that new judges will approve Biden’s gun control agenda.

This is why anti-gun Democrats want to destroy the filibuster. And they are using a “debt ceiling crisis” as the foot in the door to weaken the filibuster.

This compromise over the debt ceiling will push through language amending the Senate rules to allow the Democrats to raise the debt ceiling with only a simple majority down the road.

This time, the Senate is “only” proposing to violate the filibuster “just this once.”

The current language only allows for the passage of one bill and only before January 15th, after which the new rule sunsets.

However, the consequences of this ridiculous new precedent will last far beyond January 15th.

So please, help us raise a loud roar of opposition in Senate offices using GOA’s action alert tool. Urge your Senators to fight for the filibuster!

What we have here is Republicans passing the buck.

GOP Senators don’t want to vote to raise the debt ceiling, but they want the debt ceiling to be raised so they don’t have to deal with it.

Therefore, they are going along with eliminating the filibuster for just this one debt ceiling resolution, so the Democrats can force it through the Senate anyway. Typical swamp-like behavior.

Hopefully, the American people aren’t so foolish as to buy this ridiculous act when their elected officials return home and attempt to wash their hands of this vote.

Please keep in mind that Gun Owners of America is not here to lobby for or against raising the debt ceiling.

To understand why gun owners MUST be involved, all you have to do is imagine a future scenario where this is undertaken, but replace the “debt ceiling crisis” with a “gun control crisis.”

Anti-gunners are calling the Senate non-stop with cries to “just do something.”

GOP Senators don’t want to vote to pass gun control, but they want gun control to be passed so they don’t have to deal with it.

Therefore, they vote to eliminate the filibuster for just this one gun control bill, so the Democrats can force it through the Senate anyway.

Then the slimy politicians would go home to their constituents and say “I’m pro-gun. I never voted for gun control. It was the Democrats who passed that bill.”

Sure, it’s a lie, but that lie worked the first time (with the debt ceiling) and the battle to stop gun control will already have been lost.

So please, contact your Senators and tell them to oppose any efforts to undermine the filibuster no matter what the legislative vehicle might be.

And if you have time, please follow this up with a phone call to them at 202-224-3121.

Just so you know, the anti-filibuster crowd is hiding this Senate filibuster rule change in the Medicare bill. So at present, gun owners need to oppose Section 8 of the Rules Committee Print 117–22 House Amendment to S. 610.

Don’t let the swamp fool you, and thank you for taking action!