House Votes to “Red Flag” Military Personnel in Veto-Proof Majority

GOA Founder H. L. Richardson wrote a book entitled What Makes You Think We Read the Bills

That adage was never more true than last week, when a bucketload of House “pro-gun” Republicans voted to pass a giant defense bill containing, in its bowels, a “red flag” gun confiscation proposal for the military — hidden there by Nancy Pelosi’s gun-hating stooges.

Aidan Johnston, our Director of Federal Affairs, described this congressional farce in an article in the Houston Courant. You can also see how your Representative voted by going here—with “nay” being the pro-gun vote.

The House-passed Gun Confiscation Orders (GCOs) apply to persons subject to the United States Code of Military Justice. But, for them, it would be worse in many ways than the “red flag” GCO programs drafted in state legislatures.

The essentials are the same:  a gun owner can be stripped of his or her Second Amendment-protected rights in an ex parte proceeding by an unsubstantiated allegation from a hostile relative who dislikes him or her.  Experience shows that the confiscation normally occurs in a surprise raid on the gun owner’s home in the middle of the night.

In more than one case, gun owners have been shot to death for “non-compliance.” Now, thanks to the rabid onslaught of gun-hating politicians, it’s sitting on the 2021 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA).

Unlike the boilerplate GCOs drafted by gun control groups and passed in 19 states, the House-passed NDAA bill allows the president—presumably, in their opinion, President Joe Biden—to write all of the particulars.

But this legislation raises several questions:

  • What will the standard of proof be for taking away the gun owner’s constitutional rights?
  • What will the accuser need to show?
  • What constitutional rights will the military court proceedings recognize?
  • What will the police do with their gun confiscation order? Ransack the house?  Kill the “threatening” (i.e., non-compliant) gun owner?

House Republicans were caught sleeping.  Despite Trump’s threat to veto the bill, many Republicans helped pass gun confiscation arm-in-arm with anti-gun Democrats in a veto-proof majority.

So we are asking you to contact your Senators (above), given that the Senate has passed its own NDAA without GCOs—and tell them to throw the House bill in the garbage can during conference negotiations with Nancy Pelosi.

We are also urging you to ask President Trump to carry through with his promise to veto this anti-gun monstrosity.

For decades, Congress has dutifully passed an unnecessary National Defense Authorization Act and this isn’t the first time it contained gun control.

But this time it has gone too far.  When Pelosi sticks in a hidden provision embodying the anti-gunners chief current objective, the bills must be stopped.