Spineless Senators Who Hunt Need to Hear from Sportsmen About Pistol Braces

Congress Planning Vote to Block the Pistol Brace Ban Next Week

“I want to thank Gun Owners of America, who has worked [closely] with Rep. Clyde throughout this whole process on this resolution to get it where it is. Without GOA and Rep. Clyde, this [vote] doesn’t happen. Let’s be honest.” – Jared of Guns & Gadgets, June 7, 2023

I know that we’ve been asking a lot from you lately, but I’m so grateful for all you’ve done.

Our bill sponsor Andrew Clyde has announced that the House of Representatives finally plans to vote on his resolution (H.J. Res. 44) to repeal Biden’s pistol ban next week.

Your help has been critical to making this happen. The calls … the emails … and yes, even the coalition letters.

To that end, I want to thank all the veterans who stepped forward and signed their names on our 2A veterans’ coalition letter this week. When I personally told the House leadership we got over 6,000 names, they were absolutely stunned!

Bottom line: It’s because of the hard work of ALL GOA members and activists that we will be getting a vote in the House of Representatives.

As you can see above, Jared of the Guns & Gadgets channel has praised your work in helping convince the House of Representatives that they MUST schedule a vote on repealing Biden’s pistol ban.

So the vote is coming soon! But then there’s the Senate …

Sportsmen, Sportswomen, and Hunters Need to Defend Pistol Braces Too

There are a number of Democrats and squishy Republicans who don’t care about the Second Amendment or understand its importance like you and I do.

Many of those same politicians are bigtime sportsmen and sportswomen. They need to hear from their fellow hunters, who share their love of the outdoors but also support the right to attach a stabilizing brace to your pistol.

So please, if you consider yourself a hunter or a conservationist, we need you to sign our Second Amendment Hunters grassroots letter.

We’ll deliver it to Capitol Hill and urge these politicians to stand against the Biden Pistol Ban.

Did you know that the ATF even explicitly banned certain hunting firearms with its ban on pistol stabilizing braces? As we state in our letter to Congress:

The first braced bolt action banned by ATF by name is commercially known as the “Pork Sword.” The manufacturer advertises it as a Remington 700 type firearm which is “perfect for anything from hunting [to] long range precision.” The “Pork Sword” configuration can allow elderly and disabled hunters, including many veterans who served our country bravely, to use common big game calibers to hunt animals like deer and elk. In reality, a stabilizing brace gives these hunters an opportunity to hunt America’s most popular big game species which they otherwise might not be able to hunt.

One might think that hunting firearms would be the last items to get banned. But when you’re as anti-gun as Joe Biden, you’ll ban anything you can get your hands on—even a bolt-action hunting pistol.

So that’s why we need all sportsmen and outdoorsmen to stand with pistol brace owners and sign our letter to Congress!

In fact, for a lot of elderly, infirm, and disabled hunters, a stabilizing brace might be the best precision tool to help them ethically take down game.

And our letter explains that to Congress:

The hunting community has developed a number of innovative advancements in recent decades that are considered legal – just as ATF considered pistol braces legal for over a decade. If this unconstitutional executive branch action is allowed to stand, it will only be a matter of time until even more hunting firearms, accessories, and traditions are under attack.

So please, help us stand up for those who need and use stabilizing braced firearms to hunt and sign our letter to Congress.

It’s imperative that hunters, conservationists, sportswomen and sportsmen everywhere stand together in defense of pistol brace owners.

And if you’ve never been hunting or only exercise your Second Amendment for defensive purposes, I hope you can see how important this message is for these weak and uncommitted Senators to hear.

Senator Angus King reportedly tanked the nomination of the infamous David Chipman for ATF Director because of sportsmen in Maine.

And Senator Jon Tester is beholden to Montanans, who live and breathe the great outdoors each day.

And of course, Senator Joe Manchin, an avid hunter, recently polled 22 points behind one of his pro-gun opponents.

Since none of these senators have publicly stated how they will vote on the resolution to block the Biden Pistol Ban, we’d like sportsmen and sportswomen to reach out.

So please sign our letter to Congress to protect pistol braces!

The joint resolution of disapproval to overturn the Biden Pistol Ban has only been scheduled for a vote because of your relentless activism.

Thank you for everything you’ve done so far to back us up in Washington and make this happen.

We’ll keep you posted on the outcome of this vote.