Gun Owners Have Won Round One, But More Work Still Needed!

Urge Your Senators to Oppose Partisan “Election Reforms!”

Concerning our parliamentary battle over the Second Amendment with Senate Democrat Leader Chuck Schumer, we have some good news!!

And a caveat.

The good news is that, as of this moment, Schumer has been unable to get every Democrat in his caucus to agree to blowing up the Senate.

And it’s not for lack of trying or bullying.

But the caveat is this: Schumer is still pushing his bill to encourage election fraud. And he’s apparently willing to play let’s make a deal with holdouts Joe Manchin (D-WV) and Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ).

He has convinced Nancy Pelosi to take the pro-election fraud bill — and stick it on an unrelated bill that has been bouncing around between the Senate and the House.

Take action to oppose this anti-gun election fraud legislation!

This means that, under CURRENT Senate rules, he would not have to proceed to it. He could just ask the Chair to lay it before the Senate.

This is not to say that preserving the filibuster INTACT is not a huge and important achievement.

But it is important to also kill the unconstitutional election fraud bill.

As you know, the Constitution vests the power to set most election rules in the legislature of each state.

Schumer’s bill would usurp this process and put it in the hands of the federal government.

We need you to take action, before election results are forever tipped against gun owners!

It is packed with provisions benefiting liberal anti-gunners.

For instance, it mandates no-excuse mail-in voting — without requiring proof that the person who filled in the mail-in ballot is actually the voter.

It allows anti-gun activists to go around to homes, so they can collect and fill out the ballots of non-voters — a practice called Ballot harvesting.

It would make some anti-fraud protections — such as voter ID requirements — illegal.

In effect, it would give liberal anti-gunners a huge (and unconstitutional) advantage in elections.

New York has already given the vote — in local elections — to illegal aliens. Under Schumer’s bill, it would be harder to exclude their votes from federal elections, as well.

It also mandates unsupervised “drop boxes” where anyone can deposit fraudulent ballots without fear of detection.

One final question: What did we achieve by impeding Schumer’s ability to destroy the filibuster? (See our original alert here.)

The answer is that, as it is, it will take 60 votes for Schumer to pass the election fraud bill which is being sent over by the House.

Had Schumer been successful in using the nuclear option to limit the filibuster, he would have established a precedent to bring the bill to final passage with a simple majority — 50 votes.

Schumer will have a much harder time changing the rules under the strategy he just undertook—and that’s because of your efforts.

This will probably make the difference in whether this apocalyptic bill is ever signed into law.

But that doesn’t mean the war is over!

Please, contact your Senator and urge them to oppose this election fraud bill — and to oppose any changes to the filibuster.