GOA Exposing Gun Grabbers’ Lies in Richmond

Sparks are flying

DEMOCRAT Sen. Marsden Attacks Gun Owners, Lies About “Effectiveness” of Gun Control

I’m sure you heard the ruckus that occurred in Northern Virginia last week.

Anti-gun Senator David Marsden (D)

State Senator David Marsden (D-Fairfax) was caught on a hot mic at an appropriations hearing, mockingly referring to all gun owners as “little kids” and advising other legislators: “don’t respond to them.”

When that tape became public, Mardsen doubled down on his comments, claiming the next day in an email that gun rights supporters have been “behav[ing] badly” and that many of them have “mental health issues.”

Then, Sen. Marsden went on WMAL radio in DC to explain himself. But he only made things worse.

They say once you start digging yourself into a hole, stop digging. Marsden doesn’t know when to stop digging.

He refused to back down from his claim that some gun owners have “mental issues,” which prompted GOA to issue a response that was published by Ammoland.

Marsden was then pressed on his support for gun control.

Not only did he staunchly “stick to his guns,” he falsely told WMAL listeners that a victim of a “red flag” gun confiscation order could easily get his guns back by just getting a letter from the Mental Health Services Board in Fairfax County.

Well, this is a total lie. Because “getting your guns back” is not as easy as Marsden claims.

Consider that a 2015 study found that the so-called “14-day limit” for getting one’s guns back under Indiana’s red flag law is a total farce. The study found that gun owners are typically deprived from having their guns for more than nine months.

And in Florida, while gun owners have the “right” to fight these gun confiscation orders, guess what? According to the Naples News, about 80 percent of these gun owners are forced to fight the legal system with no access to an attorney.

So much for the idea that gun owners can “easily get their guns back,” as Marsden claims.

But if all that wasn’t bad enough, there’s more.

An Indiana family is being sued for not obtaining a red flag order against their elderly relative who murdered his tax attorney. So far, the court has not granted a motion for summary judgment.

If cases like this actually become a precedent, everyone in the country will be potentially liable to losing all their firearms if they fail to seize guns from their elderly relatives — and something goes wrong.

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No doubt, you haven’t heard about any of these problems from the gun-grabbing politicians in Richmond.

And one thing you can be sure of is this: You’re not going to hear about these problems until the day after these anti-gun bills are signed into law.

It’s time to call out these liars on the carpet.

Please email your Delegate and Senator (above).

Tell them that the strength of the sanctuary movement is evidence that the gun-owning electorate has awakened — and we will start registering voters TODAY to replace every anti-gun member of the General Assembly, if they vote to legally steal our firearms and support other unconstitutional infringements.

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