VA Legislature to Hold Budget Hearing on Gun Confiscation This Thursday, January 2!

Please Make Plans to Attend a Meeting and Show Your Support for 2A-Protected Rights!

The state’s Democratic legislature will be holding hearings on Governor “Blackface” Northam’s anti-gun budget in four locations around the state on Thursday.

We understand that this is short notice. But it would have a significant impact if many of our members could show up and make a 3-minute statement and ask questions of the legislators in attendance.

We have to speak out, because your rights are under attack by the Governor of Virginia. Consider:

  • Governor “Blackface” is supporting SB 16, which would ban commonly-owned firearms in more than one million Virginia households — a ban that would even outlaw sporting weapons such as the Mossberg 930 Snow Goose.
  • The Governor has requested $4 million and 18 law-enforcement positions to enforce his gun ban — a request that could be the preparatory steps for confiscating the guns which would be banned by SB 16.
  • Moreover, the Governor is requesting another $3.5 million to enforce gun control that has NOT been passed by the legislature and is NOT even current law in Virginia:  universal background checks, one gun a month limitations, so-called “red flag” gun confiscation orders, and more.

We need to get as many pro-gun Virginians as possible to attend these meetings and demand to know if the Delegates and Senators plan to allocate money — as delineated in budget — to confiscate common, household firearms from Virginia citizens.

You can have up to three minutes to speak to the Delegates and Senators who will be in attendance. And because they sit on the appropriations committee, you might want to consider the following types of questions for them to consider:

1) The Governor is requesting $7.5 million to enforce a gun ban, Universal Background Checks, a one gun a month limitation, “red flag” gun confiscation orders and more. Do you support this appropriation of money even though NONE of these provisions are currently law in Virginia?

2) Given that NONE of these gun control restrictions are currently the law in Virginia, would you support a budget amendment preventing the governor from using any funds to implement these anti-rights restrictions via executive order?

3) Would you support a budget amendment that would prohibit any funds from being used to implement the provisions of any new Northam gun laws until a final judgement is received from the Supreme Court that they are constitutional?

4) Would you support or oppose a budget amendment prohibiting the governor from using the National Guard or police to implement any confiscation or registration of firearms pursuant to legislation passed by the General Assembly?

5) Would you support or oppose a budget amendment that would prohibit a locality from using any funds to implement any confiscation or registration of firearms pursuant to legislation passed by the General Assembly?

6) Would you support or oppose any budget amendment attempting to penalize Second Amendment localities by reducing funds otherwise available to those localities because of their Second Amendment Sanctuary status?

7) Would you support legislation to immediately outlaw and confiscate guns, without compensation, when the gun can currently be legally owned in Virginia and across the country? Moreover, if that provision was challenged and overturned, would it be okay with you if the costs of such a lawsuit were placed on those legislators who voted for it?

These are just a sampling of the types of questions that could be asked of legislators on Thursday.

You will notice that all the questions above have a money slant to them. Again, that’s important because these meetings are being run by the Delegates and Senators who sit on the appropriations committee.

The official announcement from the General Assembly states that the purpose of these four meetings is to “receive comments on the Governor’s proposed 2020-22 biennial state budget.”

If you wish to speak, you may “register at each hearing site no earlier than one hour prior to the start of the hearing [and] speakers are asked to limit their comments to three minutes or less.”

Here are the locations of the meetings:

(Hearings begin at 10:00 a.m.)

* Northern Virginia

George Mason University, Hylton Performing Arts Center, Gregory Family Theatre, 10960 George Mason Circle, Manassas, VA 20109

* Blacksburg

Virginia Tech, Classroom Building, Room 260, 1455 Perry Street, Blacksburg, VA 24060

(Hearings begin at 12:00 noon)

* Hampton Roads

Old Dominion University, Virginia Modeling, Analysis and Simulation Center, 1030 University Blvd., Suffolk, VA 23435

* Richmond

J. Sargeant Reynolds Parham Road Campus, Workforce and Conference Center, 1651 E Parham Rd., Richmond, VA 23228